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The client is a top education counseling service provider for international student placement with 16% national market share in China. Since their inception in 2000, they have grown to offer students and parents a comprehensive package of advisory and support services for studying abroad. With offices in 25 cities in China as well as partnerships with over 700 international institutions — including 43 of the world’s top 200 universities — they have successfully placed approximately 73,000 students to date.

Our client specializes in identifying and developing high-caliber students through a combination of mentoring, coaching and proficiency test preparation.


  • With multiple vendors and service providers, the student services market was undergoing homogenization. The client found it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • They wished to provide their students with better insights into their natural talents and career prospects. They needed an assessment solution that was scientifically based in order to enhance their credibility in the market.


Aspiring Minds has a proven record of helping leading organizations assess the knowledge, talents and skills of candidates and clients across a range of specialties and professional/academic applications. We guide our partners in selecting the best assessments for their needs from our suite of evaluations. Our platforms are capable of auto-scaling to deliver 50,000-70,000 assessments per day with ease, while administering 25,000 assessments concurrently.

Moreover, Aspiring Minds’ robust proctoring technology ensures high authenticity and reliability of the assessment process compared to traditional assessments that are vulnerable to question leakage and candidate misrepresentation and fraud.


In partnership with the client, we tailor-designed a set of personality assessments to help the client gain stronger insight into the students and families. Our evaluations helped uncover students’ natural talent and ability, diagnose their needs and prescribe the best possible study programs and career options backed by credible scientific evidence.

  • We designed a unique personality test using the 15FQ+ model (a version of 16PF owned by Psytech in the UK) to identify the most suitable overseas placements for students.
  • The personality test identified 30+ competencies in 5 major categories:
    Career competency
    Analytic ability
    Cross-cultural resilience
    Self-management capability
  • These assessments were delivered in combination with situational judgment tests to evaluate how well candidates fared in various circumstances according to the above-mentioned parameters. The evaluation process generated detailed reports of the individual’s abilities and prospects to help each student make the best possible career decision. (These reports include“major+career” reports for students who are considering enrollment; “personality+competency” reports for students in the process of enrollment; and “full version” reports for bachelor-degree holders and middle school students for paid customers”)


Our customized situational judgement assessments provided the competitive edge that the client was seeking, and proved to be a game-changer.

Increased the trust of customers (students & parents): Provided better insights for student talents and career prospects, and assisted them from application to final graduation.

Increased the reach: Customer satisfaction with our situational judgements tests resulted in more inquiries from the public for educational services. New student enrollment rate also doubled for the client.

About Cognitive & Personality Assessment

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