We provide a platform for an organisation that enables collaboration by acting as a virtual skills exchange. A platform that is built on the pillars of security of data and identify, discretion of engagement, confidentiality of information and validity of data & information. The foundation of the platform is the collaboration value that is driven by the needs of members to fulfil their human capital and talent requirements, at the terms they demand and for the duration asked. Implement with the latest technology this B2B membership platform is a place for members to collaborate in confidence, to optimise their human capital so that it delivers maximum value to them. Members on the platform can present, source and exchange people skills on permanent, contract, consulting or sharing basis – among and across industries. The platform will act as the gatekeeper to ensure that all members are approved and the skills information on the platform has been validated by peers before being shared between companies.

Delivering Value

The platform addresses a member affirmed set of business problems collated through interaction with profit, not for profit, charity and quasi government sources. The problem statements defined are cross organisations and domains.

We deliver value to address your functional needs, meet social responsibilities, achieve commercial obligations and support strategic decisions.



  1. Optimising the utilisation of resources. This need can be caused by realignment of company business, restructuring of company or other business drivers. This can lead to
    • Under-utilisation or mis-utilisation of skills within the company
    • Need for re-skilling or re-training
    • Injection of fresh skills into the organisation
  2. Staff retrenchment may be due to
    • Redundancy of skill against business requirements
    • Performance being lower than company standards
    • Company culture fitment, disciplinary action or other reasons
  3. Hiring new or additional talent. As companies grow or restructure, there is a constant need to add or replenish talent within a company. This demand is met through different channels that prove to be expensive, lack validation, churn up loads of irrelevant data and are time consuming. The traditional modes are expensive and time consuming
    • Setting up a pool of company recruiters
    • Investment in job databases
    • Hiring the services of recruitment companies


All human capital management strategies of the company have a far-reaching social impact

  1. Skill retrenchment can cause
    • Stress within the HR organisation
    • Social and personal impact on retrenched skill
    • Brand image of the company maligned on social and print media
    • Cost to retrenchment
  2. Skills retaining can cause
    • Cost of training
    • No assurance that the re-trained skill will deliver
    • Morale of skill being retained


  1. Cost of hire is prohibitive
    • From 12% to 23% of annual salary paid to agency
    • High cost of skills databases susceptible to obsolete information and incorrect information
    • Investment in staff to filter through masses of irrelevant skills
  2. Trust in skills description and validity of information shared
    • Information of skill is not validated and can be changed at any time with no traceability
    • Companies not able to share background clearance, requiring replication of effort, cost and time with each hire
  3. HR is a cost centre
    • No means to monetise temporarily un-utilised or part utilised skill base
    • Obscure visibility to skill base utilisation and availability


Information on skill availability for strategic decision marking is challenging to find

    • No validated database of future skills
    • Lack of opportunity for peers to collaborate on skills building