What We Do

We provide a platform for business, industry, government and not-for-profit entities to collaborate for human talent

SBB is a secure and confidential platform to most optimally leverage your skill base for increasing revenue, reducing cost, delivering your social responsibility and reducing the expensive dependencies on agencies

How SkillBeyondBoundaries.Com Works


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Complete your registration on acceptance as member to access the platform & get membership benefits


Set-up, configure your teams & customise per your existing workflows to seamlessly maximize utilization of the platform

Collaborate & Monetise

Collaborate to generate value from the platform by optimising talent acquisition activities & monetising under-utilized skills

How The Platform Works

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Complete the pre-registration form and submit for approval of membership to platform

Register Membership

Complete your registration to get access to your membership benefits

Set-up & Personalise

Get your account set-up and personalise your collaboration team

Collaborate & Monetise

Interact with other members to optimise and monetise your company skills



Optimise costs & talent related overheads. Improve talent search function. Collaborate for skills to save cost & generate silent revenues.


Identity information is control of members. No personal data available for unauthorised view. Access levels to manage internal controls.


Coded to industry standards. Hosted on AWS. Aligned to country specific data privacy norms.


Membership approved on defined criteria. Input data authenticated by industry peers. Data changes transparent.

No Intermediary

Reduces dependence on agencies & usage of job portals. Direct engagement between members. Platform does not act as agency.


Co-created with the industry. Run by you and industry peers. Change driven by your needs.

Collaboration Value AssessmentTM

Collaboration with peers and even competitors can/will lead to tangible gains. With this objective in mind, SBB has devised a unique framework to assess the tangible gains collaboration can accrue to an organizational talent management space. We call this framework the Collaboration Value Assessment (CVA) FrameworkTM or a tool that helps you to assess in tangible monetary terms the potential that your current human capital management practices under-serves your organization and how much savings or additional revenues you could generate just by bringing collaboration into the center-stage of your human capital management strategy. Read More…



SBB is committed to supporting the industry and its members in ensuring ease of business in this difficult period. Some businesses are facing an existential crisis while others are seeing a surge in demand. This is a difficult period of flux and the casualty of this flux is people.

The Covid-19 pandemic will result in job losses in some domains like hospitality, travel, tourism, retail, aviation and in the ancillaries that support them. While industries that have projected growth are online retail, construction, information technology and sadly the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. While the scenario is bleak in the traditional talent management marketplace….

Furloughing employees in Covid times

In these tough Covid-19 times, it is a constant challenge for organizations…

Fulfilling short-term project requirement

A member had urgent short-term resources required for their project….

A rare skill-set needed to meet business demand

The resource fulfilment team had requested for a rare skill-set….


SBB has addressed a multitude of value points for the benefit of its members. The spirit of collaboration does not stop at interaction between entities but extends beyond to the wider community.
The evolution of our industry is what has brought us to a point where we have created artificial barriers to communication.
The industrial revolution kicked off a number of innovations that revolutionised business models, we have grown from there and built models that have differentiated us from our rivals. These were the foundation stones on which we build our brand and position.
At this point human capital became …