China’s leading automobile manufacturer hires top-quality talent using AI-powered coding assessments

A joint venture between one of world’s leading automobile manufacturers and a state-owned automobile company wished to jump on the digital transformation trend sweeping the automobile industry. In pursuit of that goal, they needed every new hire —irrespective of background — to have foundational programming knowledge. But the company possessed neither the tools nor expertise to evaluate such skills. Their search for a reliable tool that would help them comprehensively evaluate job applicants brought them to us.


The client chose to partner with Aspiring Minds because Automata coupled with IT Skills Test provided the right combination of assessments to test programming skills of candidates. Automata – our AI-powered coding simulation assessment scores code not only on functional correctness but also on logical correctness. It calibrates for minor coding errors and can even grade uncompilable code or ones that failed test cases which helps to identify more coders. Also, Aspiring Minds helped the automobile manufacturer to customize IT Skills test to evaluate specific foundational programming skills that were required across job roles. These assessments helped the automobile manufacturer to establish an objective and scientific evaluation process to assess the programming skills of candidates. Powered with AI-proctoring, these assessments eliminated any chance of cheating or foul play by candidates.


We worked closely with the client to understand their present situation, long-term goals and hiring needs. Automata along with a customized IT Skills tests were deployed to comprehensively evaluate candidates. We tailored IT skills tests to evaluate candidates’ technical skills and foundational knowledge across the required areas – computer science, programming, networking and database.

In the first stage of our engagement, we assessed fresh recruits who had just begun their training. When this proved successful, we applied a similar evaluation procedure to their campus recruitment efforts. As our assessments are scientifically proven and highly reliable, we could confidently claim that diverse applicants enjoyed a fair, objective and comprehensive process regardless of their educational background or prior work experience. Our dedicated client-service team managed the entire implementation and administration of the evaluation using 100% cloud-based deployment. And Automata’s capacity for relative grading of code ensured that no good talent was ever overlooked.


Our uniquely tailored combination of Automata and IT skills tests enabled the automotive joint venture to comprehensively evaluate the programming skills of their job candidates. The partnership helped our customer to locate the high-quality talent they needed to further their digital transformation, compete in the market and pursue their long-term goals.

Hire top talent. The client was able to identify candidates with the requisite knowledge of programming tools and skills necessary in their drive toward digital transformation.

Established a scientific and objective evaluation process. With help of our highly reliable and validated assessments, the client’s recruitment team was able to implement the comprehensive evaluation process necessary to support the business in its pursuit to build digitally enabled teams.

Improvement in quality of talent hired. With Automata and our IT skills tests, the client realized an immediate improvement in the quality of their new hires. Freed from the constraints of their previous inefficient practices, they were now able to quickly identify and select only the right candidates with the proper foundational programming skills and knowledge.


An AI-powered online coding simulation that tests programming capabilities of candidates with the help of well-structured and curated coding problems in over 40 languages. Automata assesses the correctness, performance and quality of code. AI helps Automata calibrate for minor coding errors and grade uncompiled programs, ensuring no good programmer is overlooked.