Beyond Compliance & Benefits

SBB Repositions HR as the Bridge to Employee Engagement

The Human Resources function often finds itself confined to the perception of a control and management operation. From policies and wages to hiring, firing, and internal well-being, HR is seen as the custodian of organizational regulations. However, the challenge lies in transforming HR from being merely an administrative entity to the true human face of the organization: an advocate for employees’ growth and development.

Beyond compliance and benefits

The Current State of HR:

Traditionally, employees hesitate to approach HR for support in career progression, change, or mentorship. The prevailing mindset perceives HR as an entity that manages processes rather than a personal and professional growth facilitator. This creates a gap between employees seeking career change and HR being perceived as a hindrance rather than an enabler.

The Need for Change:

Consider this scenario: an employee is bored with their current role, eager to try something new, yet wants to maintain the positive culture of the organization. The conventional options would be either to resign and seek new opportunities or stagnate in the existing role, compromising productivity and personal satisfaction.

Introducing Skill Beyond Boundaries (SBB):

Skill Beyond Boundaries (SBB) offers a transformative solution to bridge this gap and redefine the role of HR. The Internal Talent Management Toolkit (ITMT) offered by SBB is a cloud-based platform that empowers HR to understand and address the evolving needs of employees. This platform breaks traditional silos and allows HR to have a high-level view of talent availability and talent requirements. By leveraging ITMT, HR can proactively engage with employees, understand their requirements, and facilitate meaningful connections within the organization.

How it Works:

SBB delivers a collaborative platform that acts like an internal marketplace where demand and supply can meet. Functional heads looking for talent can post requirements and employees interested in new projects can upload their resumes with available skillsets. This dual-purpose platform not only fills organizational skill gaps but also serves as a catalyst for the personal and professional development of employees.

Benefits to the organisation:

  1. Employee Growth and Satisfaction: SBB allows employees to express their career aspirations and seek opportunities within the organization, fostering a sense of personal and professional growth. This engagement can enhance job satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Organizational Branding: By actively supporting employees in their career journeys, HR transforms the organizational image. Companies utilizing SBB as a tool for employee development are perceived as employers committed to nurturing talent and fostering a positive work environment.
  3. Revenue Generation: This enhances employee retention and contributes to productivity. By addressing skill gaps internally, companies reduce recruitment costs and tap into the untapped potential within their workforce.
  4. Social Responsibility: Creating opportunities for its people aligns organizations with social responsibility. By prioritizing the holistic development of employees, companies contribute to the overall well-being of their workforce and the community.
  5. Time Efficiency in Recruitment: An often overlooked yet significant benefit of utilizing an internal talent marketplace like SBB is the time saved in the recruitment process. Traditional hiring involves lengthy cycles of advertising, interviewing, and onboarding external candidates. With SBB, organizations can swiftly identify and redeploy internal talent, significantly reducing the time spent on external hiring processes.

A Call to Action

The time has come to shift the HR paradigm. SBB offers a powerful tool to bridge the gap between employee aspirations and organizational needs. By fostering a culture of collaboration, career growth, and internal mobility, SBB empowers HR to become the true human face of the organization, unlocking a world of possibilities for both employees and the company as a whole.

Ready to join the movement? Let’s rewrite the HR narrative together. Use SBB and unleash the human potential within your organization!

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