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Skill Beyond Boundaries (SBB) is a platform designed as an exchange for organisations, businesses, industries and government to collaborate for their human capital/skill/talent optimisation. Manage what you own and own what you manage.


SBB is a secure and confidential platform to most optimally leverage your skill base for increasing revenue, reducing cost, delivering your social responsibility and reducing the expensive dependencies on agencies.

Blurring the traditional Boundaries of the age-old talent management practices is the paradigm shift that Skill Beyond Boundaries is envisioning to bring about creating an impact on the most valuable asset of your business: .

We provide a platform that enables collaboration by acting as a virtual skills exchange for organisations. A platform that is built on the pillars of security of data and identify, discretion of engagement, confidentiality of information and validity of data & information. The foundation of the platform is the collaboration value that is driven by the needs of members to fulfil their human capital and talent requirements, at the terms they demand and for the duration asked. Members on the platform can present, source and exchange people skills on permanent, contract, consulting or sharing basis – among and across industries.

The platform acts as a gatekeeper to ensure that all members are approved and the skills information on the platform has been validated by peers before being shared between companies.


Benefits of Joining the SBB Platform:

• Generate A Silent Revenue Stream
• Monetise your un/ under-utilised skills
• Generate revenues without any sales efforts
• Significantly Reduce Costs
• Reduce spend on jobsites, databases & third parties
• Reduce overall skill acquisition cost
• Meet Human Capital needs
• Fulfil skill demands aligned to needs
• Just-in-time resourcing with almost zero lead-time-to-hire
• Use outplacement to avoid firing altogether
• Achieve zero bench
• Access to validated & curated skills faster and better


What Makes SBB Special?

Optimise costs & talent related overheads. Improve talent search function. Collaborate for skills to save cost & generate silent revenues.


Identity information is control of members. No personal data available for unauthorised view. Access levels to manage internal controls.


Coded to industry standards. Hosted on AWS. Aligned to country specific data privacy norms.



Membership approved on defined criteria. Input data authenticated by industry peers. Data changes transparent.



No Intermediary
Reduces dependence on agencies & usage of job portals. Direct engagement between members. Platform does not act as agency.



Co-created with industry. Run by you and industry peers. Change driven by your needs.



How to Join?

Become a Member
This is exclusively a membership-based platform where you can request to join or are invited by your industry peers. Membership will be accepted on meeting
defined criteria.

Share / Acquire Skills
Collaborate with your peers to share transfer and manage your skill capital to meet the continuously changing demands of your organization.

Invite To Collaborate
Inform your peers, who could be acquirers or suppliers of skills/ talent as is the need, to deliver value to the organisation.

Collaboration Value Assessment (CVA) Framework ™

Collaboration with peers and even competitors can/will lead to tangible gains. With this objective in mind, SBB has devised a unique framework to assess the tangible gains collaboration can accrue to an organizational talent management space. We call this framework the Collaboration Value Assessment (CVA) Framework ™ or a tool that helps you to assess in tangible monetary terms the potential that your current human capital management practices under-serves your organization and how much savings or additional revenues you could generate just by bringing collaboration into the center-stage of your human capital management strategy. SBB’s proprietary CVA Framework ™ takes your current human capital space variables in form of data inputs and presents you with your organization’s current total cost of ownership of those processes and then determines how much tangible value in monetary terms, collaboration can generate in terms of savings and additional revenues.

Quick CVA
This tool will help you get an estimate of cost benefits within a few minutes. Click here to assess.

Detailed CVA
This tool will help you get a detailed estimate of cost benefits. Click here to assess.


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