Collaboration for SBB

One of the lessons learned during COVID is how many of us enjoy collaboration and how much it is needed to support our individual and overall business success.  In a 2020 research report published by Glint and of the top 7 findings regarding the state of Employee Engagement,  four of them link to an organizational culture that fosters collaboration.  This research document, entitled “The State of Employee Engagement and Experience 2020,” sports a tag line: Today’s employees seek belonging, inspiration and growth.” Employee engagement and experience are two different but certainly intertwined perspectives on how and what connects employees to their employers in a way that enhances talent retention and supports talent acquisition.

The report indicates that learning initiatives are critical to a positive employee experience. The ability to grow and a positive work culture also impact the employee experience, as do a sense of belonging and work inspiration – which the report cites as the two most positive employee feelings about work.  Each of these survey results track to creating a workplace and culture that thrives on collaboration.  When an organization is working together and is successful, the employees learn every day and grow with each other as they strive for that mutual success through collaborative efforts.  An organization needs to leverage the value gained with effective collaboration tools and techniques to provide this low-cost developmental and organizational performance enhancement.  Collaboration amplifies an organization’s problem-solving ability and builds individual employee engagement while enhancing the employee experience.  When incorporated into an organization’s culture, it creates a triple bottom line!  It supports individual employee development, supports creating a high-performance work culture, and delivers on organizational goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of a solid Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity program that ensures that all employees can participate when they have value to add to the collaboration.  As a teacher at the university level, teamwork and collaboration are our major teaching assignments, ensuring that students leave their degree program with the skill and ability to work with various teams in different circumstances and with different sets of goals.  Being an effective collaborator and team player is one of the critical skills and abilities that an organization seeks.  Tools, like the Skill Beyond Boundaries program, support organizations’ need for talent, talent development/management, and retention efforts by allowing individuals to remain with their employer and grow through experiences with collaborating firms in the same or similar industries but needing specific skill sets. Join the future and leverage technology to support talent acquisition, management, and retention programs!

Author: Nina E Woodard

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