a. Optimising the utilisation of resources. This need can be caused by realignment of company business, restructuring of company or other business drivers.  This can lead to:
     i. Under-utilisation or mis-utilisation of skills within the company
     ii. Need for re-skilling or re-training
     iii. Injection of fresh skills into the organisation
b. Staff retrenchment may be due to
     i. Redundancy of skill against business requirements
     ii. Performance being lower than company standards
     iii. Company culture fitment, disciplinary action or other reasons
c. Hiring new or additional talent. As companies grow or restructure, there is a constant need to add or replenish talent within a company. This demand is met through different channels that prove to be expensive, lack validation, churn up loads of irrelevant data and are time consuming. The traditional modes are expensive and time consuming
     i. Setting up a pool of company recruiters
     ii. Investment in job databases
     iii. Hiring the services of recruitment companies

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